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Friday, April 25, 2014

Snapshot for next few weeks?

Hannover House has received some emails from Shareholders over the past couple of days (and weeks) asking a variety of questions about upcoming activities and more.  In order to address any such issues, we are obliged to post all news developments publicly for all to see.  So while the management has been unable to individually respond to such questions, the inquiries have sparked some discussion and some outline for review.  This will be super brief today:

a).   UPLIST - yes, this is still in motion for fast results.  HHSE plans to move to OTCQB.

b).   AUDITS - yes, moving forward but never at the pace we prefer. Fortunately, we're finally into the "slower" season for Hogan Taylor now.

c).   FORM 10 REGISTRATION - yes, this is also moving forward.  We have been advised to expect "comments" from the S.E.C. but that there will be a period of time allowed to address such comments or perceived deficiencies in the filing.

d).  VODWIZ - as stated at the SH meeting, indie studio materials and masters are being accumulated; rather than slowly trickle in new titles, we prefer the impact of an instantaneous unveiling, designed and timed for maximum impact this summer.

e).  INTERNATIONAL NEWS - HHSE / Medallion is heading off to Cannes; significant news of a material nature is pending. 

f).  NEW TITLES - although the company has been announcing lower-profile titles (e.g., direct-to-video caliber releases), the major theatrical items have been timed for Cannes (again, to maximize market impact).

NOTE:  THIS IS THE LAST "SNAPSHOT" STYLE BLOG POST, PERHAPS FOREVER.  The company has been open in sharing that "exciting things are in the pipeline."  But our policy going forward will now be to DROP news and not express generic excitement in advance.  Obviously, the HHSE managers are bullish on the direction and future of HHSE;  we think our results are more important than our daily mood or enthusiasm as management.  We will, however, continue to close our blogs with:  "GO HHSE!"