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Monday, April 7, 2014

Hannover House book promotional outreach with Baker & Taylor Wholesale

Good Monday to our HHSE friends.  This week, Hannover House is launching a major "outreach" campaign with book wholesaler Baker & Taylor, to reach thousands of schools, libraries and independent book retailers nationwide.  The campaign includes a direct mailing, followed by telemarketing support and email follow-ups.  This is the first of FOUR campaigns with Baker & Taylor in support of Hannover House book releases, as listed below:

1).   Sable Shore, One of the Lucky Ones, Made in the USA - April 15 blast;

2).   Quietus, Sacred Prey - May 1 blast;

3).   The Verdict, Blood Money & Power - May 15 blast;

4).   Lennon Bermuda (book and audio CD) - June 1 blast;

Books releases for HHSE are generally more profitable on a margin-basis than DVDs;  however, they are also harder to place at retail as there's not as many indie booksellers anymore, and the major retailers (such as Walmart and Target) that carry hard-cover and trade-print books usually focus on the top 40 best-sellers.  Accordingly, having a major wholesaler such as Baker & Taylor supporting the Hannover House titles - and specifically reaching out to indie stores, schools and libraries (that are NOT limited to the breadth of their coverage), is a tremendous opportunity for HHSE to generate significant new revenues.