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Friday, April 25, 2014

There's a price to pay for misinformation...

Dear HHSE Friends - about a week ago, someone "posted" onto a stock chat board what was immediately recognized as a "fraudulent misrepresentation" about Hannover House, Inc.  Apparently, this person created a FALSE business and credit report and provided this information to Dun & Bradstreet.  The report LINK was included in the chat board posting, and incorrectly identified the nature of our business and our revenues (by a factor of 1-to-100!).  When alerted to this error, Hannover House contacted D&B and was able to get them REMOVE the fraudulent listing, and then repost the accurate information on the company.  The actual D&B listing for Hannover House is the first link below.  The second link below is the "fake" listing that has since been disabled.



The best news is that D&B assures us that they are going to prosecute the party responsible for posting the false information!  They take the credibility of their information VERY SERIOUSLY and they have a zero tolerance for people who intentionally post false information - in this case, information posted in order to defame Hannover House.  They have agreed to provide Hannover House with the name of the individual owning the computer that will be back-traced from the IP data.  Meanwhile, and this goes without saying, if you read something really incredibly stupid and absurd on a stock chat board, consider the source.  Some traders have a motivation to talk trash about stocks, and if they cannot find anything REAL to attack, they'll invent trash to share.