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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

eBook Updates

Hannover House is pleased to announce that Barnes & Noble and Amazon will both be carrying the company's new eBook releases... and on a selected basis, some Hannover House titles will also be available through I-Tunes / I-Books (Apple).  All of the Hannover House eBooks will also be made available through the upcoming NTEK hosted TV Book portal and channel (details to follow).  In order to accommodate placement with BN for their "Nook" platform, the initial three eBooks from Hannover House will be formally available next Tuesday (July 30); these were previously planned for July 23, but this would have jeopardized the support of BN.  Here's to a nice, new (and lightning fast!) revenue stream for HHSE!

Hannover House Ebook Publication Titles & Dates
(Updated July 23, 2013)
E-Book Likely
TITLE Author Date Portals
 One of the Lucky Ones  Brenda Hancock 7/30/2013  BN, Amazon, Indies
 Sable Shore  James Danielson 7/30/2013  BN, Amazon, Indies
 Blind Vision  Vivian Kaplan 7/30/2013  BN, Amazon, Indies
Blood, Money & Power  Barr McClellan 9/10/2013  BN, Amazon, Indies
Lennon Bermuda  Scott Neil, Graham Foster 9/10/2013  BN, Amazon, Itunes, Indies
The Verdict  Barr McClellan 11/5/2013  BN, Amazon, Itunes, Indies