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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Share Structure update...

HH Management spoke with the Wyoming SOS office this afternoon, regarding the crazy delays in lowering the share-count to the board approved level of 600-mm.  Back in January, HH sent a form with board resolution and a credit card authorization for the $50 cost to modify our corporate records.  Did not hear anything back for months, until some shareholders noticed that it still had not been updated.  So we contacted the SOS office and they said that they could not accept a credit card payment for this sort of amendment, and needed a company check with the name of the company as the account holder.  So we sent them a $50 check.  Did not hear anything back until today, when the same shareholders pointed out that the share structure STILL had not changed.  So we looked at the bank account, and the check to Wyoming SOS had not been presented.  So we called them, and they said that we failed to include the original paperwork (which was sent in January) with the check (sent in May), and that's why it hadn't been processed.  SO, we're sending a new print out of the board resolution and form, and a new check via Fed-ex.

Anyone using this matter as the basis to sell is being VERY POORLY advised.  See image of original documents file in January below.