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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tax Programs Spark Arkansas Film Production

As the only company in N.W. Arkansas with a full-service Grip & Electric truck and equipment package for motion picture production, Hannover House has enjoyed a spike in demand recently... sparked by the newly enhanced Motion Picture Tax Incentives for Arkansas-based productions.  Today is the first day of principal photography for "VALLEY INN" - just days after the completion of "THE RECRUIT" and a few weeks after the wrap of  "GREATER" (all of which utilized Hannover House production services equipment).  When HHSE shareholders ask what is meant when we describe ourselves as a "full-service" entertainment company, we mean that (like Paramount or Sony Pictures), we have the full range of services and capabilities (from the physical production of films through the actual distribution of entertainment programming through all major media channels, without requiring third party suppliers or service providers).  Just FYI... stay tuned...