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Monday, July 22, 2013

Is HBO worth paying for... when consumers can also watch movies over "Free TV" broadcast?

For that matter... is one "comedy" completely interchangeable with "any other" comedy movie release?  One would suspect that the answer to such questions is blindingly obvious:  consumers will pay for a better entertainment experience than what might be available "for free." 

Each movie produced is unique unto itself as a product... some are well-made with great stories and casts... others, maybe not so great on any front.

So what do consumers expect to find when they go to HBO on cable, or Netflix for streaming?  Do you think they will be satisfied with Uncle Charlie's camcorder fiasco shot last summer... or do you think they're going to expect a quality film experience for their entertainment dollar?

As intelligent shareholders and investors look at Hannover House (and the myriad of business opportunities the company is developing and exploiting), take notice of Hannover's commitment to quality and / or commercial appeal with every title we produce or acquire.  We're not pumping sewage into our feature film release pipeline... we're putting out films that have assured retail placements with our key accounts - and oftentimes, many of these films also come with legitimate, critical acclaim.  

Yes, it's true, some indie productions are SO BAD that the only way they can get exposure is to post them onto a "free-streaming" website (and there are some such sites).  But where's the consumer traffic?  Where's the competitive threat?  If crud-movies were truly acceptable replacements for quality films, then HBO and Netflix would be out of business.  Anyone who thinks otherwise clearly knows nothing about the entertainment business. 

I realize that these are self-evident observations that any semi-rational person would understand.  But the company sometimes receives email inquiries about subjects that are not setting atop the foundations of basic industry knowledge.  So we address these sorts of questions, too.

Until tomorrow...