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Friday, July 19, 2013

Razorback Football Program - Video now COMPLETED!

More congratulations on production tasks today... Director / Editor JOSH IRWIN and his post-production team finished the edit and graphics early this morning on the "Arkansas Razorbacks Football 2013" video project, for release August 13 to Wal-Mart and other major retailers.  This video is the first in a planned series of college-football programs targeting S.E.C. teams and other powerhouse college football programs (in conjunction with IMG College Sports and the various university Athletic Media Relations departments). 

Pictured Above:  Producer ERIC PARKINSON, Arkansas Football Coach BRET BIELEMA, and host and writer BO MATTINGLY.

Above:  Parkinson discusses lighting issues with one of the camera operators.

Above: Media Roundtable "Sports VIP" Experts discuss predictions for the year as the Hannover House crew tapes from three positions, including the company's dolly tracking set-up.