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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OMG! NanoTech and VODwiz are AMAZING! (beta-test mode)

We just watched a beta-test streaming of a Hannover House movie from the Nanotech hosted VODwiz IPTV Channel.  What an impressive and inspiring experience!  The picture and sound quality were superb, the streaming was uninterrupted and to see the VODwiz LOGO on the Roku home page next to NETFLIX really underscores the vast potential that this channel and VOD streaming site pose:  thousands of titles (most which are NOT available through other VOD portals) will be available to consumers to watch on a pay-per-transaction basis (at competitive or better pricing models than Amazon, VUDU, HULU, etc...). 

It felt like the first time that the "Cable News Network" (CNN) was delivered on cable 30 years ago... or the first time that the Yahoo! site was posted to the internet in the early 1990's.  The VODwiz experience looks and feels MONUMENTAL!  Thanks to the technical wizards at Nanotech Entertainment for bringing to life our vision of a vast library of movies for streaming directly to homes and to mobile viewing devices.  The site is still in the beta-stage at present, but we can see the "live" date approaching soon!