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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Great progress on the Book / Publishing front for Hannover House

Some great new developments for the publishing side of Hannover House:

1).  eBOOK RELEASES - "One of the Lucky Ones", "Sable Shore" and "Blind Vision" have now been uploaded for eBook availability through Barnes & Noble / Nook and Amazon / Kindle.  As these offerings go "live" to the public, we'll update this blog with the links so that you can check them out!

2).  DISTRIBUTION VENTURE - Hannover House is pleased to announce an agreement for the exclusive distribution of our print book editions to bookstores, schools and libraries through BAKER & TAYLOR BOOKS, Charlotte, NC.  B&T is one of the top three wholesale distributors of books, and a great conduit for Hannover House to reach booksellers.  The exclusivity is limited to book specialty retailers, schools and libraries, as Hannnover House will continue to solicit and sell directly to Mass Merchants, Clubs and internet sites.  This is a great development that has already (today!) started generating orders..!

3).  BARNES & NOBLE SUPPORT - We're happy to announce that the nation's largest book retailer, BARNES & NOBLE has committed to national placements on three upcoming Hannover House book titles:  "ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES" (immediately), "LENNON BERMUDA" (September) and "THE VERDICT" (November).  As a point of reference, Barnes & Noble reports that they sold 22,180 copies of "Blood, Money & Power" by Barr McClellan in 2003, for which "THE VERDICT" is the follow-up book.

4).  LAUNCH EVENT VIDEO - The Nightbird Books event supporting last week's print-edition release of "ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES" sold a record number of books for the store (182 copies in 2-hours).  There's a YouTube video of highlights from the evening available for viewing at:


Looks like BOOKS and eBOOKS will be a much higher percentage of the HHSE revenues for 2013 than in prior years... lots of retail support, plus the new B&T partnership, and eBook placements.  Fingers crossed, and stay tuned!