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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another creditor - judgment issue resolved by Hannover House

Greetings HHSE Followers - We are writing today in response to another mistaken IHUB post.  The clown-squad is great at finding SOME court documents, but oddly, they cannot ever seem to find ALL of the documents to correctly characterize a situation (unless it can be misrepresented to look "bad" against Hannover House).

ADS Group provided some DVD replication for Origin Films / Phoenix Group ("Humans Vs Zombies") about two years ago.  We were not informed that these costs were not paid until very recently when a collection agent for ADS reached out to Hannover House.  While we were reluctant to accept responsibility for bills on an outside party's title, we began making monthly payments and deducting these from amounts due as royalties to the producers.

A few days ago, HHSE was surprised to receive a letter in the mail indicating that the company had neglected to make some sort of response filing in a Default Judgment matter!  Apparently, the collection attorney for ADS had "served" the Wyoming Registered Agent, who never forwarded any notice to Hannover House.  So we were never directly served (although "legally" the collection attorney DID make service of process).  Needless to say, Wyoming Registered Agent is freaked out, and apologetic (and insured).

Meanwhile Fred Shefte and George B. Morton (local counsel) contacted the attorney in the matter yesterday and got the case resolved.

End of story.  Probably won't be the end of the erroneous "basher" attacks on the matter. But remember, the HHSE management is REQUIRED to be truthful, and the clown-squad won't even use their real names!  Consider the source, and remember how STOOPID they looked last weekend in trying to stir up baloney about a fully satisfied judgment.  Weird, that they always can find PART of the court filings, but never "the good stuff" that shows that Hannover House has honored our corporate obligations, including those that sometimes are not directly our responsibility!

UPDATE (9-19-14) - HHSE SHAREHOLDERS PLEASE NOTE!  Do not be mislead by false posts on IHUB - including one today (Sept. 19) that reprints a filing in this matter that was made BEFORE the case was resolved!  That's a pretty absurd (and desperate ) attempt to misrepresent reality.  This topic was asked and answered (above) days ago (and it was for pocket-change of $8,850), so it was NEVER anything relevant or material in nature.  To post documents on IHUB that were issued prior to a resolution is as ridiculous as going back in time and stating that NETFLIX  HAS  NO Studio Partners (which at one point in time, was true, but which has no bearing on reality today).  One of the clown-squad posted about a ficticious telephone call to Fred Shefte (purportedly in Oct. 2013, which Shefte denies having), in which supposedly - AT THAT TIME 11 MONTHS AGO - Shefte said that no studio partners had yet signed the VODwiz agreement.  To be clear, VODwiz has TWELVE studio partners now, fully committed, signed and on-boarding.  Was there a point in time that VODwiz had no studio partners for VODwiz?  Of course there was... a long time ago!  How silly to not realize that.  It's like claiming to know the score of the Superbowl before it happens.  The answer:  zero-to-zero before the game happens.  It's the end results that matter, not the nascent beginnings in business, life and sports!  Silly puppies!