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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HHSE scores major new account with FAMILY VIDEO!

"VALLEY OF THE WITCH" and "POSSESSION WITHIN" are the first new titles from Hannover House to be placed into the rapidly growing FAMILY VIDEO chain!  Although many pundits declared that "video rental specialty stores" were dead after Blockbuster corporate closed, the reality is that FAMILY VIDEO keeps on growing-and-expanding to new markets.  This Glenview, IL (Chicago)-based chain now has 802 stores in the USA, with dozens more planned for the coming months.

How can Family Video achieve this success in an evolving industry?  According to a survey of Family Video customers, their customers PREFER the opportunity to browse a video store environment in search a rental DVD to discover.  Viewing only a handful of titles that are available through KIOSKS or (current) STREAMING SITES does not give these movie consumers the breadth of selection that they want from home entertainment.  Sounds sort of like the VODwiz market analysis... except that Family Video is fulfilling the consumer demand with bricks-and-mortar physical stores, over 8,000 employees, and close to a billion in revenues!

Hannover House continues to add major accounts like FAMILY VIDEO, HARPS, KROGERS and LOVES to our list of key retailers.  While Wal-mart, Redbox, Netflix and Best Buy continue to dominate the HHSE quarterly sales, having a broader base of retail customers creates greater revenues and greater stability as the company grows!