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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Money in the Bank - a reasonable analysis of getting a HUGE ROI off HHSE

Good afternoon HHSE shareholders & followers - Over the past two months, Hannover House has released approx. 39-million shares "into the float" which represent 6% of the total of authorized shares for the company.  The release of new shares for debts and promotions was initially disclosed in December, and discussed at length at the annual shareholder's meeting in February and in subsequent blogs.  Accordingly, neither of the statements that this action came "out of nowhere" or represents a "dramatic amount" of new shares is true.  But with 33% of trades yesterday coming as short sales (over THREE-MILLION Shares yesterday, see below), it's obvious that there are some traders who want you to THINK that there's both a massive dilution and a massive dumping of shares from longs.  Why?  Because they have exposed themselves to millions of short sales - and are doing so again today - in hopes of persuading someone to panic and sell their HHSE shares at a loss.

This is actually a tremendous OPPORTUNITY for longs.  All you need to do is sit back and watch as Hannover achieves all of the corporate benchmarks detailed in our Shareholder newsletter.  If no one will sell to the short-sellers, then they will be forced to COVER the sales and the price will stop being artificially suppressed.

One item not discussed in the press release today was the ongoing activities of the FBI in working with Hannover House to track and build a case against those manipulating the stock or spreading false and malicious statements.  Over the past few days, the primary ring-leader of the short sellers has made public posts and other communications that quite clearly state his activities and intentions.  While these motives have been known for some time, proving them has just been made much easier, and HHSE is excited about immediately taking this enforcement action to the next level.

HHSE management remains confident in our valuation that the stock is worth over $.10 per share.  In the next few weeks - with all of the issues completed - the market should realize this as well.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for holding strong.  You will not be disappointed.

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Dear HHSE Investor Relations:

Here is your Buyins.net RegSHO Compliance Alert for September 23rd, 2014. Our RegSHO Compliance Service helps to protect HHSE from short sellers and market makers that are violating the more stringent RegSHO market integrity provisions recently enacted. We are monitoring the trading activity in HHSE and here is today’s report:
Total Trading Volume:  9295533
Daily Short Volume: 3052647
Avg. Price of Shorts Today:  0.007
Short %: 32.84
Volume at Offer:  5620588
Buy%:  60.470
Volume at Bid:  3674945
Sell%: 39.530
Shares Crossed: 0.000
Cross%: 0.000
Net Buying vs. Selling: 1945643
Price Change:  -0.00210
Friction Factor: 0