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Thursday, September 4, 2014

HHSE-Redbull Release Pegged as 2014's Top Sports Feature!

Good morning HHSE Friends and Shareholders - Response from key theatres has been extremely strong for the Nov. 7th theatrical release of ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER from Hannover House and Redbull Media.  Theatrical bookings are now being set, and include commitments from all of the nation's top exhibition chains (including AMC, Carmike, Century, Cinemark, Edwards, Harkins, Malco, Regal and United Artists Theatres).

The promotions from Redbull are wide-ranging and impressive.  Additionally, support from theatres will include trailers, posters, standees, banners and various forms of social media and email outreach to consumers.  A marketing commitment has been obtained from Regal, to help support the film's release.  During the week of Nov. 3 - 7, Regal has agreed to email blast an announcement to approximately 6-million Crowne-Club Members (nationwide) to go see >>

"On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter"
This year's top Sports Feature, from acclaimed filmmakers Bruce and Dana Brown."

With approximately 260-theatres opening Nov. 7th, there is a good opportunity for Hannover House and Redbull to make good on the top-status prediction.  Redbull media and outreach efforts are valued at $4-mm, and include ticket promotions with sponsors and key Redbull retailers.  The PR side of the campaign is equally impressive, and includes a star-studded, red-carpet premiere on Wed., Oct. 22 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood (where the "Oscars" are held), plus major TV Talk Shows and appearances across a broad spectrum of network and cable motorsports programs.

BY THE WAY:  HHSE will have a limited number of VIP passes for the premiere.  If you're a confirmed HHSE shareholder and if you live in Southern California (or plan to be there on Oct. 22), send an email request to:  Regina@HannoverHouse.com;  We will do our best to accommodate shareholder requests for passes - but again, seating is very limited.

ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER will be the WIDEST theatrical release in Hannover's history.  The prints, ads and marketing are being funded through Redbull, so the company is in an exciting win-win situation!  Together, with Redbull and the incredible support of our theatre chains and the Redbull retail network, ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER is truly positioned to be the top sports feature documentary of 2014.