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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

VODwiz - Update

Greetings HHSE Followers - We are posting today, pursuant to our prior pledge to provide regular updates on VODwiz.  Following our technical inability to meet the internally-announced / originally planned consumer launch date of August 30, we have continued to accumulate masters and meta-data for titles from our 12-supplier studio partners.  We are sorting these elements for priority upload status, so that we have the highest-profile / commercially solid titles on-boarded first.

In direct response to questions sent to HHSE management, "yes", the company is still working with Nanotech Entertainment in the operational / fulfillment functions of the site and IPTV Channel.

In direct response to inquiries from Nanotech, it has been requested that we limit VODwiz updates until the site is officially launched to consumers.

As HHSE shareholders know, VODwiz is a major venture.  It is not like the launch of one, two or two-hundred movies onto DVD.  It's like launching 3,000 films at the exact same time... and in the process, building a powerful consumer brand and entertainment channel.  It's essential that the launch of VODwiz be done properly - both from a technical standpoint as well as from a consumer-perception standpoint.  Overly frequent updates "during construction" rarely present a clear picture of the final structure.  In fact, seeing the girders and inner-workings of the construction process can take away some of the awe. 

Does Apple provide one (or two) updates a week on their newest technology?  No.  They wait until their latest gizmo is fully ready, then they pull back the curtain in one sweeping move.  The end result is awesome, and the consumer reaction is profound. 

We won't impose total radio silence.  But we also plan to catch the market by surprise.  VODwiz is a major venture that will have major revenues, profits and PPS impact to HHSE.  Actions are better than updates, and that's our current mode...