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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Apology to HHSE Shareholders... we missed our target date for VODwiz.

Good Afternoon HHSE Friends & Shareholders - Many have contacted HHSE Management today to express displeasure with the "tone" of the explanatory blog regarding the launch date of VODwiz.  The general consensus seems to be that the HHSE blog of Sunday, Sept. 1st, did not seem to express enough remorse for having established a target date - and having worked for months to meet the date - only to change it at the 11th hour when it was clear that a premature launch would be more damaging to VODwiz than a fully operational launch. 

We cannot express enough the disappointment that HHSE management shares for not hitting the planned August 30th launch date.  It was not for lack of effort - or resources (as some have speculated).  Although, more support staff working earlier likely would have enabled a better target date prediction.  Bottom line is that we missed the date due to bad time-forecasting on management's part... a miscalculation of the complexity of handling (literally) thousands of movies that each require very specific elements and legal documentation before on-boarding. 

HHSE management knew how long it takes for in-house (Hannover) titles to be on-boarded.  But this per-title time-frame clearly does not comport to third-party suppliers, who have different formats, different insurance coverage and different priorities. 

So we missed our target date.  Fortunately, we did not make a consumer announcement.

VODwiz will launch soon - hopefully this month (September) - and it appears it will be far bigger than originally forecasted.  Not only do we have access to many MORE titles than projected... but many of these are also theatrical releases, which is a change in stature for many listings.

HHSE now has a greater appreciation for why NETFLIX and HULU are only adding a few dozen titles per new release slot.  It's a lot of work to do it properly... and the VODwiz venture will ultimately be among the top eschelon of video-on-demand sources for maximum title availabilities.

IN RESPECT OF OUR SHAREHOLDER'S INTEREST... we will post updates on VODwiz activities at least twice per week until the imminent consumer launch.