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Friday, September 12, 2014

HHSE considering Animated Features for release

Dear HHSE Friends - management has received some communications from shareholders regarding the company's lack of activity in the realm of Animated Features. 

Firstly, let's state clearly for the record that the company is not in any way opposed to acquiring and releasing Animated Features.  The hesitancy to pursue this category has been the cost-outlay, as most of the animated titles potentially available to a company like Hannover House require a large investment of both cash and time (animated features take years to complete). 

That said, we're still willing to test the retailer response to Hannover releasing animation.  In this regard, one title that has been presented is the epic production from Spain of "EL CID: THE LEGEND."  This title is now 10-years old (in Europe), but unreleased in the U.S.A.  It could be released in both English and Spanish language versions. 

Check out the trailer and poster and let us know what you think?

By the way, the YouTube trailer link below is a surprisingly low-resolution image quality.  The private Vimeo Link that Hannover has seen is much more vibrant and sharp.  But you can still get an idea of the quality.